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ADVANTAGE: -50% on your 2nd pair
ADVANTAGE: -50% on your 2nd pair
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Maison Amos

In 1795, Établissements Amos was established in Wasselonne, Bas-Rhin, later becoming the oldest manufacturer of slippers. For almost two centuries, the company has experienced
resounding success with nearly 2,000 employees at its peak.

Establishments Amos et Compagnie have established their brand over the years by creating quality slippers, combining ancestral know-how and innovation.

Their flagship product was the Ami Fritz slipper, an emblematic product of Maison Amos. With time,
the company was able to develop and take control of a slipper factory in Wasselonne in 1920, to become the largest shoemaker in France.

Unfortunately, Asian competition got the better of their business and, in 1987, Établissements Amos had to file for bankruptcy.

But the story does not end there.

In 2021, we, French entrepreneurs, wanted to revive this beautiful story which combines ancestral know-how and 100% French manufacturing. We decided to bring new life to
this iconic brand by offering superior quality slippers, made by passionate artisans.

With our models of Charentaise type unisex slippers available in different colors, we have followed in the footsteps of the Amos tradition while adding a touch of modernity.

From its design to the arrival of this slipper in your home, more than 15 artisans work with love to make your most faithful companion for the winter! In
By choosing our slippers, you not only support local employment but you also preserve the environment.

Our slipper is made in France with top quality materials: wool interior and non-slip wool outsole. Our slippers
offer you comfort and warmth, and allow you to move around in complete safety.

By perpetuating the tradition of Établissements Amos, we are proud to offer slippers of exceptional quality, made in France. We thank you for allowing us to bring this beautiful story back to life and for continuing to perpetuate this tradition!